In The Beginning…

Welcome to my first website and my first ever blog! All of this newness reminds me somewhat of Genesis 1, a creation of something out of nothing. Did you know that you can activate a server from anywhere in the world? When we built this website from a small flat in Oxford, England (where I’m currently studying), a disc in a warehouse in New York–with thousands of other discs—was activated just by a click! In an instant, from thousands of miles away, something was created out of nothing.

In Genesis, God did many things, but two of which in particular I find are crucial for us today as “Christians” (and I think this title could use some redefining as well).

1) God looked at all that God had made and affirmed that all of creation was, and is, “very good.” Now this sounds simple, but think about it, YOU and I are indeed very good. No matter the difficulties you may face, the decisions that may have hurt yourself or others, no matter how bad–how valueless–we may feel, God says that we are all very good.

2) God gave humanity “dominion” over the earth–the power and responsibility to care for God’s new, and very good creation. That means you and I have the power to choose: will we recognize that everything–and everyone–are very good; will we love and care for the earth and its creatures and vegetation; will we love our selves, even in our own brokenness; will we love each other–regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion? When we do these, when we love and care for our world and our neighbors, this is how we love God.

So here’s to the beginning, though, it’s more of a continuation–a renewal and redefinition–a transformation of the way we practice Christianity, and the way we interact with the world around us. When we recognize that we ourselves are very good, that all people very good and of sacred worth; and when we use our “dominion” to treat the world and our neighbors with love, we become more like God, we become the transformation of the world.

Thanks for reading, and keep connected as we work together to transform this world through love!

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